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U haul light hookup


Find More Posts by Spiffyjiff. UHaul guys are complete morons when it comes to dealing with European lighting systems interfacing with their domestic trailers. It's very simple, really. Go down to any reasonable automotive parts U haul light hookup and tell them that you need an adapter to convert the signals for you. Make sure you get the right one as they make several.

When my trailer hitch was installed on my VW Vanagon my buddy installed a plug U haul light hookup the body that sourced the wires from the vehicle so that I could simply plug in a U haul light hookup round cannon U haul light hookup which I have now adapted to handle a Uhaul or any other typical domestic U haul light hookup lighting system.

Why UHaul hasn't learned how to do this over all these years is beyond me, but apparently few European or Asian vehicles are used with Uhaul trailers. Find More Posts by Edgy I'd also recommend etrailer. I've ordered many things U haul light hookup them. You could call them and explain the problem and I'll bet ya they've got the answer you need. BTW, I believe the open car trailers that U-Haul rents are steel contruction and might U haul light hookup around lbs.

Find More Posts by Coochas. Originally Posted by Coochas. As a kid I never knew a trailer U haul light hookup more than one potential working light! Yes its a PITA.

On standard 4-plug connectors, the...

Find More Posts by racer. There is a chance the bad ground thing might be real. I own a trailer and the way the manufacturer did the ground hookup on the left taillight was stupid. It was destined to only last for a few months. Using U haul light hookup dad's old truck, the taillight was a bit dim.

I repaired the U haul light hookup with a new permanent repair and it works great. Find More Posts by AllanJ. One added point I just used a UHaul behind my van the other day to haul another car: Up the fuse for your brakes from a 10 amp to possibly a 15 amp. The added power needed to light up these additional lights may overly tax the standard 10 amp fuse.

Or U haul light hookup a set of magnetic add on lightband add them to the trailer. Clean the prongs and use dielectric grease. Find More Posts by jason Over at MBWorld there are threads about U haul light hookup the lights and problems with LED lights - apparently the MB electronics don't see enough resistance or whatever.

Fixes also are U haul light hookup there. In our case, we've had frequent trouble with the trailex lights due to poor wiring, loose connections, etc. The MB with factory hitch is rated at 7, lbs towing capacity including car load. We have no problem with our tow which is around 5, lbs all in. Just watch your tongue weight so the trailer will pull without wobbling. Find More Posts by p-cardriver. One other suggestion - scoot over to RadioShack and buy a little contact cleaner aerosol - clean up the contacts on the MB, adaptor U haul light hookup ends and trailer connector.

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Originally Posted by p-cardriver. I messed around with U-Hauls years ago when embarking on a cross-country summer trip with U haul light hookup P-Car. Financially, this route was the right one over using a U-Haul.

The other issue with buying a trailer is storage, so that is one to think about as well Find More Posts by blake. Originally Posted by Spiffyjiff. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. The following errors occurred with your submission. Quote message in reply? Test U haul light hookup are permitted. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

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