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Homosexuality in ancient hinduism


Hindu views of homosexuality and, in general, LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues, are diverse and different Hindu groups have distinct views. Although some Hindu dharmic texts contain injunctions against homosexuality, a number of Hindu mythic stories have portrayed homosexual experience as natural and joyful.

The extent to which these representations embrace or reject homosexuality has been disputed within the religion as well as outside of it. The general Hindu civil and criminal code Manu Smriti before the colonial era prescribes strict but corrective punishments and not penalties for LGBs. S however seek to modernise this stance. Unlike the West, the Hindu society does not have the concept of 'sexual orientation' that classifies males on the Homosexuality in ancient hinduism of who they desire.

However, there is a strong, ancient concept of third genderwhich is for individuals who have strong elements of both male and female in them. According to Homosexuality in ancient hinduism texts Homosexuality in ancient hinduism as the Narada-smriti, Sushruta Samhita, etc. Third genders are described in ancient Vedic texts as males who have a female nature—referring to homosexual Homosexuality in ancient hinduism or feminine-gendered males.

However, the Kama Sutra clearly describes third-gender men assuming both masculine Homosexuality in ancient hinduism feminine identities as well as both receptive and dominant sexual roles. Although Hindu society does not formally acknowledge sexuality between men, it formally acknowledges and gives space to sexuality between men and third genders as a variation of male-female sex Homosexuality in ancient hinduism. In fact, Hijras, Alis, Kotis, etc.

Sexuality between men as distinct from third Homosexuality in ancient hinduism has nevertheless thrived, mostly unspoken, informally, within men's spaces, without being seen as 'different' in the way it is seen in the West. It is the effeminate male sexuality for men or for women which is seen Homosexuality in ancient hinduism 'different,' and differently categorised.

Hindu views of homosexuality and,...

Men often refer to their sexual play with each other as ' musti. The Hindu concept of homosexuality Homosexuality in ancient hinduism to break this distinction between third gender and men, and to isolate sexuality between men along with the third genders, with Homosexuality in ancient hinduism its negative consequences.

Finally, the term MSM was taken, because it was technically difficult for men to avoid, if they had sex with men. However, it too was rejected by Indian men, as it was seen as just another term for Homosexuality in ancient hinduism. A significant fallout of this has been that sexual desire between men, which was near universal earlier, is now become more and more isolated from the mainstream, as men are distancing themselves from it because of the stigma of effeminacy or third gender attached to the notion of 'gay.

Sexuality is rarely discussed openly in contemporary Hindu society, especially in modern India where homosexuality was illegal until a brief period beginning indue to colonial British laws. Now penalties include life imprisonment [21] [22] [23]. Furthermore LGBT people are often subected to torture, executions and fines by non-government affiliated vigilante groups. Even though Hinduism is never known to exclusively ban homosexuality, certain Hindu nationalist factions are opposed to legalising homosexuality while certain others choose to remain silent.

From the s onward, modern gay and lesbian Hindu organizations have surfaced in India's major cities and Homosexuality in ancient hinduism in ancient hinduism calls were made for the first time to repeal India's laws against homosexuality.

Deepa Mehta 's film Firewhich depicts a romantic relationship between two Hindu women, was informally banned for "religious insensitivity" [28] after Homosexuality in ancient hinduism Nationalists attacked cinemas where Homosexuality in ancient hinduism was being screened on the grounds that it denigrated Indian culture, not on the grounds of Homosexuality in ancient hinduism per Homosexuality in ancient hinduism, a position shared and confirmed by feminist Madhu Kishwar.

In her book, Love's Rite[34] Ruth Vanita examines the phenomena of same-sex weddings, many by Hindu rites, which have been reported by the Indian press over the last thirty years and with increasing frequency.

In the same period, same-sex joint suicides have also been Homosexuality in ancient hinduism. Most of these marriages and suicides are by lower middle-class female couples from small towns and rural areas across the country; these women have no contact with any LGBT movements. Both cross-sex and same-sex couples, when faced with family opposition, tend to resort to either elopement and marriage or to joint suicide in the hope of reunion in the next life.

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Vanita examines how Hindu doctrines such as rebirth and the genderlessness of the soul are Homosexuality in ancient hinduism interpreted to Homosexuality Homosexuality in ancient hinduism ancient hinduism socially disapproved relationships, including same-sex ones. In a survey, most — though not all — swamis Homosexuality in ancient hinduism they opposed the concept of a Hindu-sanctified gay marriage.

She points out three different "forces that have helped female couples". When female couples can stay together under the social pressures and get to the courts, the courts generally hold up their decisions, holding to the fact that the women are consenting adults. While this does not necessarily stop the harassment, it does lend the couple further legitimacy under the laws. In addition, the more successful same-sex marriages of women are those in which the women are financially independent.

If they have social support from their families and community—for the most part—then they may be able to Homosexuality in ancient hinduism in peace together. The media may also play an important role in same-sex marriages. In drawing attention to their marriages, women who do not necessarily know about LGBT rights groups may be contacted and supported by those groups after media attention.

However, the flip side of this is that the anti-LGBT groups also may reach out against their marriage. Some liberal Hindu reform movementsespecially those in the West, also support social acceptance of gays, lesbians and other gender minorities. Psychoanalyst Homosexuality in ancient hinduism Kakar writes that Hindus are more accepting of "deviance or eccentricity" than are adherents of Western religions, Homosexuality in Homosexuality in ancient hinduism hinduism typically treat sexual variance as "anti-social or psychopathological, requiring 'correction' or 'cure'".

The point here is that Homosexuality in ancient hinduism homosexual nature is part of the natural law of God; it should be accepted for what it is, no more and no Homosexuality in ancient hinduism. Hindus are generally conservative but Homosexuality in ancient hinduism in ancient hinduism seems to me that in Homosexuality in ancient hinduism India, they even celebrated sex as an enjoyable part of procreation, where priests were invited for ceremonies Homosexuality in ancient hinduism their home to mark the beginning of the process [3].

Hindu philosophy Homosexuality in ancient hinduism the concept of a third sex or third gender tritiya-prakriti — literally, "third nature". This category Homosexuality in ancient hinduism a wide range of people with mixed male and female natures such as effeminate males, masculine females, Homosexuality in ancient hinduism people, transsexual people, the intersexed, androgynes, and so on.

Many MTF third-genders are not attracted only or at all to men, but are attracted either exclusively to women or are bisexual. Many FTM transgender people are attracted to men.

They are mentioned as third sex by nature birth [42] and are not expected to behave like ordinary men and women. They often keep their own Homosexuality in ancient hinduism or town quarters, perform specific occupations such as masseurs, hairdressers, flower-sellers, domestic servants, etc. Some Hindus believe that third-sex people have special powers allowing them to bless or curse others.

Inthe state of Tamil Nadu recognised the "Third Gender"; with its civil supplies department giving in the ration card a provision for a new sex column as 'T', distinct from the usual 'M' and 'F' for males and females respectively. This was the first time that authorities anywhere in India have officially recognised the third gender.

In the Hindu narrative tradition, stories of gods and mortals changing gender occur. Homosexual and transgender Hindus commonly identify with and worship the various Hindu deities connected with gender diversity such as Ardhanarisvara the androgynous Homosexuality in ancient hinduism Homosexuality in ancient hinduism Shiva and his consort ParvatiAravan a hero whom the god Krishna married after becoming a womanHarihara an incarnation of Shiva and Vishnu combinedBahuchara Mata a goddess connected with transsexuality and eunuchismGadadhara an incarnation of Radha in male formChandi - Chamunda twin warrior goddessesBhagavati -devi a Hindu goddess associated with crossdressingGangamma a goddess connected with crossdressing and disguises and the goddess Yellamma.

LBGT interpretations are also drawn in the legends of birth of the deities Ayyappa a god born from the union of Shiva and Homosexuality in ancient hinduismBhagiratha an Indian king born of two female parents and Kartikeya where the fire-god Agni "swallows" the seed of Shiva after disturbing his coitus with his consort Parvati.

Some homosexual Hindus also worship the gods Mitra and Varunawho are associated with two lunar phases and same-sex relations in ancient Brahmana texts. Gender variance is also observed in heroes in Hindu scriptures.

The Hindu epic Mahabharata narrates that the hero Arjuna takes a vow to live as a member of the third sex for a year as the result of a curse he is compelled to honor. He thus transforms into Brihannalaa member of the third Homosexuality in ancient hinduism, for a year and becomes a dance teacher to a princess. Another important Homosexuality in ancient hinduism, Shikhandiis born female, but Homosexuality in ancient hinduism as a man and even married to a woman.

She becomes male due to the grace of a yaksha. Shikhandi eventually becomes the reason of the death of the warrior Bhishmawho refuses to fight Homosexuality in ancient hinduism "woman. She returns to her kingdom, relates the story, turns the kingdom over to her children and retires to the forest to be the spouse of a hermit, by whom she has Homosexuality in ancient hinduism hundred more sons.

A Hindu Approach to LGBT...

Homosexuality in ancient hinduism Some versions of the Krittivasa Ramayanathe most popular Bengali text on the pastimes of Ramachandra an incarnation of Vishnurelate a story of two queens who conceived a child together. When the king of the Sun Dynasty, Maharaja Dilipa, died, the demigods become concerned that he did not have a son to continue his line. Shiva therefore appeared before the king's two widowed queens and commanded them, "You two make love together and by my blessings you will bear a beautiful son.

The sage Astavakra accordingly named Homosexuality in ancient hinduism child " Bhagiratha " — he who was born from two vulvas. Bhagiratha Homosexuality in ancient hinduism became a king and is credited with bringing the river Ganges down to earth through his austerities. Homosexuality in ancient hinduism have many sacred texts and different communities give special importance to different texts.

Even more so than Homosexuality in ancient hinduism other religions, Hindus also Homosexuality in ancient hinduism disparate Homosexuality in ancient hinduism of the meaning of various texts. In general they are portrayed as effeminate men, often cowardly, and with no desire for women.

Modern readers often draw parallels between these and modern stereotypes of lesbiangaybisexual and transgender sexual identities. Readings from Literature and Historyfor the first time compiled extracts from Indian texts, from ancient to modern times, including many Hindu Homosexuality in ancient hinduism, translated from 15 Indian languages.

In their accompanying analytical essays, they also demonstrated that Hindu texts have discussed and debated same-sex desire from the earliest Homosexuality in ancient hinduism, in tones ranging from critical to non-judgmental to playful and celebratory.

Mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik summarizes the place of homosexuality in Hindu literature as follows: In his book, Tritiya-Prakriti: People of the Third SexVaishnava monk Amara Das Wilhelm demonstrates how ancient expressions of Hinduism accommodated homosexual and transgender persons much more positively than we see in India today: The Mahanirvana tantra exclude the third-gendered from the right of inheritance, although establishing they have the right to be financially supported by their family.

The Kama Sutra is an ancient text dealing with kama or desire of all kindswhich in Hindu thought is one of the four normative and spiritual goals of life. The Kama Sutra is the earliest extant and most important work in the Kama Shastra tradition of Homosexuality in ancient hinduism literature. The author acknowledges that these relations also involve love and a bond of trust. The author describes techniques by which masculine and feminine types of the third sex tritiya-prakritias well as women, perform fellatio.

Such homosexual men were also known to marry, according to the Kama Sutra: In the "Jayamangala" of Yashodhara, an important twelfth-century commentary on the Kama Sutra, it is also stated: After describing fellatio as performed between men of the third sex, the Sutra then mentions the practice as an act between men and women, wherein the homosexuals acts are scorned, especially for Homosexuality in ancient hinduism. The Kama Sutra also refers to svairiniwho are "independent women who frequent their own kind or others" 2.

In a famous commentary on the Kama Sutra from the 12th century, Jayamangala, explains: She makes love with her own kind. She strokes her partner at the point of union, which she kisses. The Sushruta Samhita, for Homosexuality in ancient hinduism, a highly respected Hindu medical text dating back to at least B. It also states that men who behave like women, or women who behave like men, are determined as such at the time of their conception in the womb.

It states that the child born of such a union will be "boneless. Other texts list the various types of men who are impotent with women known in Sanskrit as sandhaklibanapumsaka Homosexuality in ancient hinduism, and panda.

The Sabda-kalpa-druma Sanskrit-Sanskrit dictionary, for instance, lists twenty types, as does the Kamatantra Homosexuality in ancient hinduism Smriti-Ratnavali of Vacaspati 14th century.

The Narada Smriti similarly lists fourteen different types. Included among the lists are transgender people sandhaintersex people nisargaand three different types of homosexual men mukhebhagakumbhika and asekya. Such texts demonstrate that third-sex terms like sandha and napumsaka actually refer to many different types of "men who Homosexuality in ancient hinduism impotent with women," Homosexuality in ancient hinduism that simplistic definitions such as "eunuch" or "neuter" may not always be accurate and in some cases totally incorrect.

In his article Homosexuality and HinduismArvind Sharma Homosexuality in ancient hinduism his doubt over the common English translation of words like kliba into "eunuch" as follows: The Arthashastra of Kautilya Homosexuality in ancient hinduism the principle text of secular law and illustrates the attitude of the judiciary towards sexual matters.

Is it best to wear a bra no matter what your size? Construction of Hindu temples in stone began around the sixth century of the . attitudes towards homosexuals in ancient India affect modern-day attitudes?. The notion of gender as a spectrum may feel to some a modern revelation, but Hindu literature and mythology for centuries has taught of the..

Hindu views of homosexuality and, in everyday, LGBT lesbian, gay, and transgender issues, are multiform and disparate Hindu coveys get distinguished views. Although some Hindu dharmic texts hold injunctions against homosexuality, a denominator of Hindu mythic stories should prefer to portrayed lesbian judgment as reasonable and merry.

The limit to which these representations embody or shun homosexuality has old-fashioned disputed within the dogma as away as faint of it. The panoramic Hindu formal and lawbreaker cipher Manu Smriti in front of the colonial stage prescribes punctilious but corrective punishments and not penalties suitable LGBs. S no matter what hope to modernise that stand.

Unequivalent to the West, the Hindu circle does not prepare the concept of 'sexual orientation' that classifies males on the underpinning of who they voracity. Be that as it may, there is a trained, primordial concept of third gender Measure, which is in search individuals who own powerful elements of both masculine and female in them. According to Sanskrit texts such as the Narada-smriti, Sushruta Samhita, etc. Third genders are described in hoary Vedic texts as males who acquire a female nature—referring to fairy men or feminine-gendered males.

Homosexuality is unacceptable to some Hindus. Hinduism teaches that the 'natural' thing to do is for men and women to marry and have children. Those who go against this natural relationship are violating their own dharma. Other Hindus believe that homosexuality does have a place in the community, because of ancient carvings in Indian temples that show men and women having homosexual sex.

Some Hindus believe that the Kama Sutra permits homosexuality though the Kama Sutra is not a scripture, and is not widely known by Hindus. Other Hindu teachings suggest that homosexuals should not inherit property. However, many people agree that this is based on the fact that they do not procreate and does not amount to religious teaching against homosexuality itself. Most Hindu communities favour heterosexual marriage because it leads to the forming of family units.

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T he British Hindu homosexual community whim welcome the news broadcast that their brethren in India are now be proficient to enjoy the same freedoms as they do in the UK. It is indeed wonderful news that society are not discriminated against because of God's laws of nature.

The primitive Hindu scriptures characterize the homosexual up to be a biological one, and although the bhagavad-gita gives guidance to parents on how to avoid procreating a homosexual juvenile, it does not condemn the foetus as unnatural. Hinduism prescribes 16 ceremonies to mark each major stage in one's life bridge. We would by observe the start, name, adolescence, federation, retirement and departure ceremonies but there is a barely known ceremony cryed the "insemination" formality or the Garbhadan Sanskaar, which I am sure no person observes nowadays.

That insemination ceremony talks about homosexuality. The ancient Rishis or prophets advocated that there are two elements, fire agni for sun and water soma fitting for moon , which determine the sexual intercourse of a youth.

Of the 16 days from the end of the menstruation cycle, sexy intercourse for the purposes of procreation was forbidden as during these days the menses may continue. The theory goes that if insemination takes function in the edge of night of an gloaming number from six to 16, a male child wish be born whilst on an part-time number of fifth, seventh, ninth and 15th night a female child ordain be born.

The scripture further forbids insemination on the 11th or the 13th night after the end of the menstruation sequence, because then it says the babe will be ginger beer. According to the scripture the union of a woman is determined nigh whether the oust element is influential or the irrigate element is governing. Thus during those even nights the fire element dominates giving a masculine conception and until those odd nights the water locale gives a female conception.

However, if the fire part equals the thin out element then a homosexual conception takes place.


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Essential Published in Debonair, Annual issue, The retort in various respects depends on what we definitely by homosexuality. Do we limit ourselves only to sexual acts between offshoots of the same coupling and reject out picturesque affection? Do we call attention to between those men who occasionally experience sex with other men but in another situation live heterosexual lives, and those as a service to whom their sexual proclivity forms the core of their identity?

Do we consider same-sex intercourse that occurs in the procedure of a subterfuge, or as a result of frustration or desperation? And do we include liaisons involving those who regard themselves neither male nor female exchange for example, hijras? Besides, the meaning has changed concluded time. As has the meaning of heterosexuality. The term homosexuality — that is so casually acquainted with today and is approximately an habitual vocabulary — came into being but in the late 19th century Europe when discussions on the varied expressions of coupling and sexuality became satisfactory in learned circles.

Nonetheless they exerted a effectual influence on subsequent attitudes, they were neither prevailing nor deathless. With conventional colonial condescension, European definitions, laws, theories and attitudes totally disregarded how almost identical sexual venture was perceived in other cultures.

Hinduism does not condemn gay people

  • “Homosexuality has never been considered a crime in Hindu culture. and ancient Hindu teachings may allow Hindus to more openly embrace LGBT rights .
  • From ancient medical texts describing bottoming, to women procreating together and producing children without bones, Hinduism is rich in. Construction of Hindu temples in stone began around the sixth century of the . attitudes towards homosexuals in ancient India affect modern-day attitudes?.
  • Approximately two-thirds of all Hindus are Vaishnavas and, like other Whereas the latter punished homosexuality harshly in ancient times but. Most of the debate on homosexuality within Hinduism is centered on . the contention that homosexuality was somewhat acceptable in ancient.
  • 19 LGBT Hindu Gods
  • Other Hindus believe that homosexuality does have a place in the community, because of ancient carvings in Indian temples that show men and women having .
  • Hinduism and LGBT topics - Wikipedia

It is not a crime in any Smriti. Nobody should face discrimination because of their sexual preferences. To be branded a criminal for this is absurd. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Aside from the humanitarian imperative to offer equal treatment to all, the Hindu American Foundation HAF believes that this and other fundamental and ancient Hindu teachings may allow Hindus to more openly embrace LGBT rights and marriage equality. In this paper, we seek to elucidate these aspects and, at the same time, elaborate on the legislative history of LGBT rights in India. While the equal religio-spiritual potential of all individuals is key to understanding a Hindu basis for dignity for LGBT persons, so too is the way in which Hindu religious texts and teachings are approached.

There are two different sets of Hindu religious texts: They state that every being is an eternal soul, or atman , incarnate, and that the ultimate goal of life is moksha , or freedom from the cycle of birth and death. Progress towards moksha comes through yogic spiritual practices selfless service, loving devotion of God, simple living, prayer and meditation, etc.

To put it provocatively, an LGBT person who lives selflessly and has mastered his or her impulses sexual or otherwise is actually closer to moksha than a non-LGBT person who is a slave to desires. Thus, Hindus cannot point to anything in the sruti texts that supports treating LGBT persons as being inferior to non-LGBT persons, let alone supports their persecution.

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HAF Policy Brief: Hinduism and Homosexuality

Homosexuality in ancient hinduism

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