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Iran sexual harassment

Domestic violence in Iran is...

E very day I take a stroll on my way to work. This is the heart of north Tehran, where cabs leave at every hour of the day and night.

Adjacent to Jordan is Gandhi Streetboasting brand new Iran sexual harassment malls and western-style cafes. I take a small, relatively quiet street lined with the offices of insurance brokers and doctors. Tall trees, planted at irregular intervals, shield me from the Iran sexual harassment sun. Just a few metres away from the honking, throbbing melody of the city, Sanaei Street is charming.

Sometimes it is just stares. Iran sexual harassment I am walking down the street, I see him coming across me. He is several metres when I am already cringing. I lower my stare, or look away. As I walk past him, I feel his piercing eyes looking for my breasts under my thick Iran sexual harassmentsizing Iran sexual harassment my figure with acute intensity.

Riveted to my body, they follow me up until I feel them burning my back as he is Iran sexual harassment behind me. Every so often, there are sounds. As he walks by, he turns his head towards me and slams his tongue against his palate. Or kisses the air loudly.

There are so many shades of whistling, hissing, smacking, licking, puffing that Iran sexual harassment am amazed at the capacities of the human mouth.

Sometimes Iran sexual harassment comes from behind me: Every time, it is the same hideous expression of unhindered lust sending shivers through my spine.

Islamic dress laws have failed...

Oftentimes, it Iran sexual harassment words too. Fortunately, my Persian is not good enough to grasp the profanity thrown in my face.

In the end, it makes little difference: I can only guess he is commenting on my outfit or my body, inviting me Iran sexual harassment his home or just calling me a whore. Verbal aggression does not need even rough translation. This is the most basic form of bestial communication.

Once it happened in Velenjak, Iran sexual harassment affluent and quiet neighbourhood in northern Tehran.

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We were four women, when a man in Iran sexual harassment car started stalking us. Cars are not the only means of locomotion for hunters: Sexual harassment in public places is a reality Iran sexual harassment every day in Iran.

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At first, I thought my foreign looks and my somewhat liberal style vivid colours, open manteau, scarf thrust to the back of my head made me a target. But when I opened up to friends, I realised this is a Iran sexual harassment reality for Iran sexual harassment women of all styles and backgrounds. Men aggressively stare at me, Iran sexual harassment to me, call me names.

I feel naked, and worthless. Nor did changing her clothing solve the problem. I realised that whatever I wore, men would still chase me, just because I am woman. Aisha, a year old chemistry Iran sexual harassment, explains: I often wonder what goes through the heads of these men. Is it the pure pleasure of the game?

That’s #من_هم in Farsi

Or is there an actual expectation that catcalls or stalking will yield results? At first girls liked it, Iran sexual harassment took it as a compliment, but after a while, it became a problem.

Iran sexual harassment and men openly expressing their sexual desire made us feel insecure and exposed, and there was nowhere to Iran sexual harassment it. Driving by, whistling, catcalling, inviting her to get in: In the absence of bars, clubs or any place to socialise, streets, parks and public transport become the public playground for flirting. Except that sexual harassment is not flirting. For women, walking in the street can become an excruciating, fearful experience.

Because of this, I started taking cabs, even for a five-minute ride, just to Iran sexual harassment these encounters. Sitting by oneself in a park or on a bench is seen as an open invitation. Lucille, a year old French student who recently came to Iran, tells me a story: I was dead wrong. As soon as I said yes, he sat down and Iran sexual harassment Iran sexual harassment Iran sexual harassment with thousands of questions and asking for my number.

Eventually I got up and left. The hunting happens everywhere in broad daylight, with the tacit approval of all - including the Iran sexual harassment authorities supposed to Iran sexual harassment women. There is no risk Iran sexual harassment this hunt. The feeling of incapacitation and helplessness for women is overwhelming. In the same Iran sexual harassment Square where I face regular catcalling Iran sexual harassment stalking, the moral police routinely apprehends women for Iran sexual harassment clothing.

The sexual predation right under their eyes seems Iran sexual harassment no concern to them. There is, however, one thing a woman can do to avoid sexual harassment. The magical wand to ward off men is simple: This is a society made by and for men. When I ask male friends, I face a range of reactions: When I push harder and confront them with the reality of the psychological burden borne by Iranian women, my insistence is mostly met with blank stares or denial.

Women also prefer to remain silent most of the time. This is a feeling many women have Iran sexual harassment with me: And there is a surprising, even chilling, paradox.

As we hide every part of our body short of our faces and hands, sexual harassment does not decrease: The Tehran Bureau is an independent media organisation, hosted by the Guardian. Save for the relentless sexual harassment. Should women just disappear? Topics Iran Tehran Bureau. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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