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Are freelee and durianrider dating site


Update [Nov 9, ]: The original version of this article included commentary about Are freelee and durianrider dating site "Freelee" Ratcliffe, former partner of the sleazebag Harley "Durianrider" Johnstone. I don't think I'm saying anything revolutionary when I point out that Ratcliffe's behaviour during her time with Johnstone was less than sterling. However, not only has she since dumped the sad, physically abusive sack of shit that is Johnstone, but two individuals who know her personally have assured me she is turning a new leaf and working hard to "deprogram" from her ex-partner's bullshit.

Because I have no personal gripe with Ratcliffe, I have removed as much mention of her as possible from this article. Call it censorship if Are freelee and durianrider dating site will - I call it "giving people Are freelee and durianrider dating site second chance. Harley Johnstone, in contrast, remains an irredeemable cunt and I hope he dies soon. Apart from beautiful Kangaroo Island, the place really doesn't have many redeeming features.

Of all the Australian states and territories, it has the highest unemployment ratethe highest obesity rate Are freelee and durianrider dating site, and the second-lowest mean household income.

Despite its relative lack of amenities and opportunities, South Australia costs more to run per capita than any other state in Australia, thanks to years of stagnation and government ineptitude.

Despite its economic disadvantage, the state has the highest fees and fines in the nation; its leaders are so lacking in strategy and vision, their only ongoing strategy to increase much-needed revenue is to tax and fine their constituency higher and harder. South Australia's traffic fine system, in fact, has been dubbed the " most unfair traffic fine Are freelee and durianrider dating site " in the nation.

So lacking are the opportunities in SA, it is now pinning its hopes on economic recovery by becoming a dump site for the world's nuclear waste. And, as anyone in the know from both sides of the Are freelee and durianrider dating site will tell you, the place is a well-known drug hub in a country that, along with New Zealand, has the highest rate of Are freelee and durianrider dating site drug use in the world.

Thanks to its lack of amenities and social and economic Are freelee and durianrider dating site, South Australia has an unusually large exodus of people fleeing to the Eastern states in search of a better life. And so it is not entirely surprising that from this economically deprived, socially barren wasteland emerges one of the most bizarre figures in the entire diet and 'health' arena: Oh, he did write a book once, a true literary classic for the ages called Carb the Fuck Up!

In his opus magnum, the abusive Johnstone compared his then-girlfriend Leanne "Freelee" Ratcliffe to a prostitute, boasted of the thousands of dollars he claimed Are freelee and durianrider dating site have made monthly from his libelous YouTube videos, and claimed he didn't care who he pissed off. Johnstone does care, however, when the people he pisses off confront him and demand he repeat his toxic bullshit to their faces.

When this happens, the self-proclaimed hard man suddenly turns into a scared, shaking little piss-ant, and runs straight to the cops.

Australian YouTube star Leanne Ratcliffe,...

But more on that later. Johnstone aggressively Are freelee and durianrider dating site himself as a nutrition expert and paragon of a healthy lifestyle, and Are freelee and durianrider dating site vigorously encouraged others to adopt his fruitarian ways, using hyperbolic health claims as the bait.

Like the US, Australians suffer unusually high rates of obesity and eagerly embrace all manner of fad diets and health scams. Capitalizing on the fact many people will believe pretty much anything, Johnstone has attracted something of a cult Internet following.

And despite the clearly idiotic nature of his dietary recommendations, he's even featured on a number of mainstream Australian TV segments. Here's just a sampling, taken from their own website, of the many health problems people have experienced after adopting the absurd dietary recommendations of Johnstone:.

Update, March 7, A reader alerted me this morning that after this article went live on March 3, someone has been busy removing the unflattering content Are freelee and durianrider dating site the pages below. I checked, and sure enough, many of the links are now returning "Page Not Found" messages. Update, March 8, Another reader has kindly written to point out that Google keeps cached webpages.

Clicking on the Google result link will show the page no longer exists. But Are freelee and durianrider dating site the right of the link on the Google search there is usually a downwards pointing arrow.

If you click on this, you are offered a cached version of the webpage. One individual who - clearly against her better judgement - decided to follow the advice of Johnstone and then-girlfriend Ratcliffe was Sandra Bachiyr, from New South Wales. Bachiyr says she began "the 30 bananas a day diet" in Januaryand it was all downhill from there: When Bachiyr began blogging about her experiences to warn others, Johnstone automatically resorted to his usual defense strategy: Malicious lies and thinly veiled threats.

Accusing someone of child porn is a pretty serious matter.

An e-book written by Freelee...

Someone Are freelee and durianrider dating site to inform Johnstone that storing pornographic images of kids on your computer is a very serious crime here in Australia.

It goes without saying that only an utter lowlife would falsely accuse someone of child pornography. Johnstone, however, has no compunction about concocting malicious bullshit about the objects of his disaffection, then posting it on the Internet in the hopes his equally stupid followers will believe it. A Cycling Legend in his Own Mind.

Come on AC, step up brah! Corkscrew is only 2. Johnstone, shameless liar that he is, had made no such challenge. In fact, prior to reading the blog post Are freelee and durianrider dating site had no idea who Johnstone was.

Nonetheless, I happily called his bluff with one small proviso: Are freelee and durianrider dating site had to match my bodyweight at the time, I weighed a muscular 81kg, the scrawny Johnstone claimed to weigh 66kg [4]. A light bodyweight is a huge advantage in road cycling, especially when climbing hills[5], which is why most elite and professional road cyclists are so tiny sprint track cyclists, on the other hand, tend to be built like brick outhouses.

By all rights, I should have calculated my weight per inch of height then applied the Are freelee and durianrider dating site figure to his height, which would have resulted in an even higher target bodyweight for Johnstone.

Once again, when called on his self-aggrandizing hogwash the normally vocal Johnstone suddenly suffered stage fright, and ignored Are freelee and durianrider dating site acceptance of his challenge. He did, however, continue to talk trash about me on his website forum.

And so I decided to issue a little challenge of my own. I invited the hopelessly deluded Johnstone to showcase his self-perceived superhuman strength to the world in the form of a powerlifting contest.

There are plenty of gyms in Adelaide at which Johnstone and I could have faced off on the squat, deadlift and bench. But once again, the motor-mouthed vegan suddenly became gun-shy.

This kind of behavior is par for the course with Johnstone. He Are freelee and durianrider dating site to boast about his physical prowess and especially goes out of his way to portray himself as an outstanding cyclist. While Adelaide is hardly the most exciting city in Australia, it does have a robust cycling Are freelee and durianrider dating site with plenty of clubs and weekly racing events world class road and track cyclists including Anna Meares, Rohan Dennis and Jack Bobridge call Adelaide home.

The city also hosts periodic hill-climbing time trials. Thus, there are abundant competitive opportunities for Johnstone to display his self-proclaimed cycling abilities.

An e-book written by Freelee...

Yep, much easier to brag about your Strava Are freelee and durianrider dating site on the Internet than actually get out and prove yourself against real Are freelee and durianrider dating site. After it became clear to me Johnstone was all talk and Are freelee and durianrider dating site action, I promptly wrote him off as the attention-seeking buffoon he was and went about my business.

Things soon took a more sinister turn, though. Johnstone makes his living from advertising revenues garnered every time someone clicks on one of his Youtube videos free tip: When Johnstone perceives that Are freelee and durianrider dating site income stream is under threat due to what he regards as unfair aspersions on his impeccable character, we get to see the real Johnstone in all his angry, hateful glory.

In earlyex-vegan Tom Billings created a post on the Beyondveg. Can You Trust Them? His post catalogues a long list of Are freelee and durianrider dating site proven and alleged misdeeds by vegan diet gurus. One of those who got a mention was Johnstone, who has admitted he previously received Are freelee and durianrider dating site welfare payments for a period of time after allegedly being hit by a bus whilst riding his bike.

Billings had linked to a blogger who claimed the dates of cycling performances Johnstone had boasted about on the Internet coincided with the time frame he was reportedly receiving the disability payments.

While Billings linked to the blog post in question, he made no accusations himself; he merely noted that the allegations had been made. Like Billings, I made Are freelee and durianrider dating site accusations of my own — I simply reported allegations had been made by others, something virtually every Are freelee and durianrider dating site in the world does on a daily basis.

The thin-skinned Johnstone, however, promptly choked on whatever number banana Are freelee and durianrider dating site was up to for that day and Are freelee and durianrider dating site ape.

When these emails went unanswered, he threatened to release my books onto torrent file-sharing Are freelee and durianrider dating site. Not to mention I assume some people might make up some nasty shit about you and spread it all over my social media channels to a few hundred thousand people over the next few years.

Its better to be on my right side than wrong side bro. So Are freelee and durianrider dating site the spammers start spamming about AC on my turf that I will take care of it for you vs leave it up and pretend I don't see it. Wow, what a tough guy not to mention a moron: Here he is folks - the manly, fearsome keyboard warrior, complete with 70s porno moustache: Control yourself now, ladies!

Having failed miserably in his laughable attempt to come off like an intimidating Internet hardman, the stick-figured Johnstone then moved onto his next phase: Posting blatant lies about me on his website in a desperate attempt to discredit me.

Yep, according to Johnstone, I was an obese steroid user who lived off Are freelee and durianrider dating site blah blah blah. Notice how Johnstone provides no screenshots or even hyperlinks to this alleged blog.

Are freelee and durianrider dating site to mention that I've never even set foot in a Fitness First gymlet alone trained in one. Fourth, it's especially stupid to carry on like steroid usage is some kind of supreme evil when you use them yourself, and even post footage of yourself proudly waving around Are freelee and durianrider dating site vial of the steroid SustanonAre freelee and durianrider dating site about how easy it is to get a doctor's script for them in Thailand, and boasting about the huge quantity of steroids you have at your place see further down for video footage.

Like most of what Johnstone says, this is rubbish. After I went to the trouble and expense Are freelee and durianrider dating site hiring a lawyer, Johnstone stopped emailing me Are freelee and durianrider dating site his real name, but continued to taunt me via a fake alias, claimed I was "obese" on his website, and refused to take down the patently defamatory material he had already posted about me.

The latter had launched legal action for defamation against Johnstone and Ratcliffe. The following passages are especially revealing:. We troll the internet with the health message and use whatever means possible to get that message out there Interestingly, Johnstone was fond of portraying the relationship between himself and Ratcliff as one of pimp and prostitute.

Anthony Colpo

In addition to the Carb the Fuck Up! Johnstone's unbecoming remarks are hardly surprising given the generally poor regard in which he holds women.

Johnstone, explaining how he really feels about women, and also inadvertently explaining how he's managed to attract Are freelee and durianrider dating site a sizable and gullible following.

The "Anti-Steroid" Are freelee and durianrider dating site of Steroids. Among the complaints of Itsines and Pearce was that Johnstone had accused the latter of using steroids.

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