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Something odd is happening in France. The CW's newest drama, "Reign," may be set in the 16th century, but it certainly doesn't look it.

She arrives in France to marry Prince Francis of France Toby Regbo but love has nothing to do with it; their engagement is more of a political arrangement, an alliance between France and Scotland. But things get a little awkward when Francis' bastard brother, Bash Torrance Coombsshows his own interest in Mary. So, no, the series won't be taking an old-timey turn this is The CW after all, so historical accuracy isn't of utmost importance.

Entertainment, on the other hand? Well, that's where "Reign" brings it. They know their show Toby regbo dating 2019 ford garner criticism and haters are gonna hate, but the actors were more than happy to defend their show.

On how things suck for Mary: Toby regbo dating 2019 ford cannot Toby regbo dating 2019 ford a break! There's been a lot of jealousy and miscommunication and there's new love interests popping up left and right She can't really have a romance with anybody really, other than Toby regbo dating 2019 ford. And if he doesn't want it, she's kind of left adrift.

She can't have boyfriends. Just a whiff of scandal, just a rumour that she's not chaste, it'll ruin the alliance. And she'll be screwed. She'll never get married. He's put her in a very difficult and very lonely position and has been back-and-forth-ing Toby regbo dating 2019 ford being hot and cold on her all season. Which isn't fair on her, because she doesn't have anybody else. He can, because he's a boy! He can do whatever he wants!

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On who Mary can Toby regbo dating 2019 ford on: He has nothing to gain by selling her out, because he has nothing to gain.

Nobody can give him anything, because he's illegitimate. He can't be given favour by anybody other than his father.

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The only reason he's at court is because he's in his father's favour. So I think that he's the only other person she can really trust. And that's very dangerous for her, because she's attracted to him and she relaxes and feels comfortable around him -- and he's the one man she can't have.

On her relationship with Catherine: She may be a queen, but she was an untitled, wealthy, noble girl before she married the king. And she Toby regbo dating 2019 ford do anything to maintain her position of power. It's very uncertain, because once her husband dies and her son is king, she needs to either control her son or control Toby regbo dating 2019 ford son through Toby regbo dating 2019 ford son's wife.

Mary doesn't feel like she is in any way socially inferior to Queen Catherine because she is nobility in her own right. And she has not only a title, but Toby regbo dating 2019 ford blood from several families. Theoretically speaking, in terms Toby regbo dating 2019 ford bloodlines, she is of a higher station than Queen Catherine -- not just by virtue of the fact that she's a queen in Toby regbo dating 2019 ford own right, not just by marriage.

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So that's a very interesting and rather contentious relationship. On watching Megan Follows in action: It's such a lesson every time I work with her. On why characters in projects set in France always sport British accents: But we're speaking with Toby regbo dating 2019 ford equivalent accent of what those people would be speaking with. I think it would make less sense for us to be speaking English with a French accent. If you're going to speak French, then speak French and Toby regbo dating 2019 ford the subtitles.

But obviously American TV won't accept that. So you've got to do English English with English accents. On that old saying, "If I can't have her, no one can": I'm not the only one that has my eyes on Mary. We're not the only two. She's a powerful queen and people want to get hold of her, so I'm going to have my work cut out [for me], trying to keep her at a distance but also trying to keep her mine.

I do have feelings for her but I'm trying to quash them, quell them. On how crazy his mother gets: Not further than some of the pushy moms of the child actors that I work with [Laughs]. Yeah, she's like a child star's mom who breaks the legs of that ballerina who's about to go on stage so that her kid can win the talent contest.

He's going to start wondering what mommy's up to. I think it's kind of original in that way. On how she's balancing the history and fantasy: I did the reading and Toby regbo dating 2019 ford did the research but that's not what we're going for with this show. Toby regbo dating 2019 ford I think it's helpful to know the history and know what you're deviating from, but I think you could waste a lot of energy as an actor thinking why that's not that and that's not that and that's not that and that's kind of not the point with this.

I have been trying to focus on Toby regbo dating 2019 ford humanity of it and the character of it, and watching these five young girls leave their home and be thrust into this quite brutal, fast-paced court in another country. On how sexy "Reign" gets: There are a lot of hijinks in store. Relationships obviously develop but I think you're gonna see love interests come and go. Aside from the central love triangle, Toby regbo dating 2019 ford one's Toby regbo dating 2019 ford be with anyone for the duration of the series.

It's going to be very fast-paced on the romantic side of things It's not gonna be like "Game of Thrones. I think it's always going to tread that fine line of being incredibly suggestive and those things are to be explored On the bastard label: I'm a bastard that has the king's favour so I'm allowed to be at court, I sometimes get assistance from servants for various things, I get to show up for the parties.

But I have Toby regbo dating 2019 ford real say in policy, I'm not being groomed to be king, I can't be with the girl I want to be with. There's all kinds of things that come along with that and everybody looks down on me for being somewhat lesser, even though, genetically, we're all the same.

On Bash's feelings for Mary: I feel for her in that and I don't think I consciously see an Toby regbo dating 2019 ford but I think I see, perhaps, a kindred spirit, someone else that sees how silly the whole enterprise can be and we bond over that. On Bash's relationship with Francis: We've really established that there's a lot of love there.

They grew up together. They do things together as brothers. They spend time together. I mean, our parents put a strain on our relationship, and then, certainly, when Mary comes in that puts a little bit of a strain on our relationship as well. But, ultimately, we soldier forward with love.

On her closeness to Mary: She can't show that at court. And even with the other girls, it's a little bit harder. I'm the go-to girl. I've figured out at this point that if Mary succeeds at court, if everything goes OK for Mary, then I can figure out my own life.

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Then we'll all be safe and OK, and I can worry about that later. So I kind of push my own wants and desires to the side, for the greater cause. On the mysterious presence in the castle: We don't know whether she's living or dead. Maybe she's a spirit who haunts the Toby regbo dating 2019 ford, and you don't know if she's alive, maybe she was horribly disfigured in some accident.

And you don't really know who she serves.

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The queen knows about her. Nostradamus knows about her. And she befriends Mary, and helps her out. On potential romance for Aylee: And it kind of scares her at this Toby regbo dating 2019 ford That's a really Toby regbo dating 2019 ford Toby regbo dating 2019 ford to avoid having to have relationships of your own.

On how naughty the King is: I just thought he was just going to be a figurehead on the Toby regbo dating 2019 ford, and it was just going to be a show about a bunch of young girls fornicating around the kingdom.

I didn't know the fornicator was going to be me.

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