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Thunder dan seohyun dating


Sooyoung wanted to know who they wanted to be friends with in SNSD. She asked for their ideal types hoping they'd all pick her.

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Sadly for Sooyoung, only one of them did! It's okay though, she still has a ridiculous amount of fan boys at her side. Then another member said, Thunder dan seohyun dating But your ideal type is Taeyeon.

But it must be true because he blushed as soon as someone said Taeyeon's name.

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I bet he was hoping he was sitting at ChinChin Radio instead. Thunder said he wanted to get close with Seohyun because on Intimate Note, she seemed to have a huge force.

Thunder seohyun dan dating

O picked Yuri saying she seemed outgoing. At this Thunder dan seohyun dating, Sooyoung felt a little disappointed and said, "Alright, last person Lee Joon and no one has said me.

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Gentleman Lee Joon finished it off smoothly by saying, " Definitely Sooyoung! I saw you a lot in a hair salon during SNSD's debut days and you're so Thunder dan seohyun dating. That's when we looked the worst. Who else thinks these boys picked their ideal types instead of answering the question in the right way? This, this, this, thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!

Kudos for Thunder dan seohyun dating Joon for Thunder dan seohyun dating with the atmosphere. Or perhaps she is his ideal? Dunno, but still kudos to him. Sunny and Mir seem really friendly from this clip to the one from Maybee's radio.

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Thunder dan seohyun dating off topic, but I really miss Sooyoung DJing. Glad to see she had the chance to fill in for PKL for a few days. By larus Started October 3. By larus Started September By angelangie Started September 24, By Prettysup Started May Archived This topic is Thunder dan seohyun dating archived and is closed to further replies.

Prev 1 Thunder dan seohyun dating Next Page 1 of 2. Posted December 4, Mir chose Sunny because when he talked to her for a split second on the set of Star Golden Bell, they really hit it off.

Check out the clip starting at 1: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Thank goodness Seungho wasn't there. I would have burned with jealously. I am sure they do, and so do I. I really want to see Mbla. Practically speaking who wouldn't Go Thunder dan seohyun dating Topic Listing k-entertainment general discussion. Sign In Sign Up.

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