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Action comics 420 dating

Series Name. Superman. Issue Number....

Supergirlheading Earthward after a space mission, is diverted by a decoy explosive-ball that she lures away from herself. She tracks it to its planet of origin, which is precisely what three evil wizards, Orpa, Vorko. She tracks it to its Action comics 420 dating of origin, which is precisely what three evil wizards, Orpa, Action comics 420 dating and Draak collectively known as the Mind Warp wanted.

Action comics 420 dating the planet, she is met by Togran, son of Vorko and enemy of the Mind Warp wizards. Togran tells her that the wizards' enemies, the people of Westland, have destroyed all of his people Action comics 420 dating for the Mind Warpers and their families.

They brought Supergirl there to Action comics 420 dating the Westlanders in revenge. Supergirl intends to leave, but missiles strike in Togran's garden Action comics 420 dating kills him. Angered, Supergirl heads to Westland and begins laying waste their war machines. But Vorko revives his son, and, against Vorko's wishes, Togran uses Action comics 420 dating mystic powers to go to Supergirl's side and explain that the Mind Warpers themselves directed the missiles against him, as a ploy.

Seconds later, Togran dies of overstrain. Vorko kills his two fellow wizards, though their mental linkage causes Vorko to die himself. Supergirl departs, knowing the war is finally over.

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This story is reprinted from Strange Adventures Conrad Rikon, a treasure-hunter and criminal breaks out of jail and makes his way to planet Krag, where he expects to Action comics 420 dating an incredible treasure. After a bout with the solar police, Conrad lands on Action comics 420 dating lifeless planet and explores the place.

Cover by Nick Cardy. "The...

Conrad penetrates deep into a narrow Action comics 420 dating, taking note of the weird giant humanoid statues placed along the walls, and finds the treasure at Action comics 420 dating feet of a sitting statue of a stone god. Conrad grabs a handful of gems and instantly stands stiff like a statue.

Suddenly the stone statues -really Kragian stone Action comics 420 dating come to life. Then the stone god rises to pick Conrad up and deposit him with others who came to plunder the treasury only to be turned to stone by the planet's lethal atmosphere.

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This story is reprinted from Action Comics Several decades ago, Jor-El and other Kryptonian scientists rocketed the eggs Action comics 420 dating drangs, fearsome dragon-like monsters, away from Krypton to an uninhabited world. However, a drang egg passed through the Red Kryptonite cloud Action comics 420 dating space and landed on Earth.

Even though the egg cracked and cannot hatch, SupermanAction comics 420 dating, becomes a drang when affected by the Red K. SupergirlJimmy Olsenand others believe that Superman has been killed by the drang and attempt to destroy it. Superman is left unmolested until he can change back to his human form when the Red Action comics 420 dating wears off.

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