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Ffvii dating barrett


The purpose of this guide is to give you information about how the game chooses Cloud 's date the second time you get to the Gold Saucer. There are four characters that can go on the date: AerisTifaYuffie and as odd as it may Ffvii dating barrett Barret.

Each of these characters, throughout the course of disc 1, has an hidden parameter that we will call "affinity" with Cloud.

Gold Saucer Date Night

This parameter changes Ffvii dating barrett the game for each character, and can go up and down depending on two factors: When the date event occurs, the character who has the highest affinity with Cloud goes on the date with him.

Each of the four characters has a starting affinity: Aeris has Ffvii dating barrett highest, then Tifa, then Yuffie - finally, Barret has the lowest. This means that if Ffvii dating barrett don't work to change your affinity levels, you will probably end up dating Aeris, or possibly Tifa. To ensure that you will have the date you want, this guide is divided into four chapters, Ffvii dating barrett describing the general Ffvii dating barrett you must have, and important actions to take in order to date this character.

Ffvii dating barrett Aeris is easy, as she has the highest starting affinity of all, Ffvii dating barrett far. However, Tifa can be a threat to this date if you are not careful. General Guidelines When you have to create a party, always take Aeris and always leave Tifa aside except when you don't have a choice, at the early stages of the game.

This alone should make it Ffvii dating barrett that Aeris is chosen, but it doesn't hurt to overdo it, so read on. When given the choice, always talk to or think about Aeris first. Whenever asked about your feelings towards Tifa and Aeris, always lean towards Aeris for example, when Aeris asks you if Tifa is your girlfriend, select the answer "No way!

Specific Actions When you are on the train to blow up the second reactor, get yourself caught by the security lockdown. During the Ffvii dating Ffvii dating barrett from the Church, when Aeris is alone against the guards, save her so that Ffvii dating barrett needn't fight at all. Do not engage in the Wutai sidequest until after the date. Finally and this is an intended repetition of the general guidelineschoose Aeris to accompany you and Barret when going to see Dyne in Corel prison: Ffvii dating barrett Tifa only requires that Ffvii dating barrett put Aeris out of the game: General Guidelines Ffvii dating barrett you have to select party members, always Ffvii Ffvii dating barrett barrett Tifa and always leave Aeris aside whenever you have a choice.

When given the Ffvii dating barrett, always talk to or think about Tifa first, and Aeris last. Whenever asked about your feelings towards Tifa and Ffvii dating barrett, always Ffvii dating barrett feelings for Tifa for example, when Aeris asks you if Tifa is your girlfriend, select the answer "Yeah, that's right".

Final Fantasy VII Trophies Tifa,...

Ffvii dating barrett actions After Jessie 's explanation about the train, answer her "Thanks anyway". The first time you meet Tifa, a lot has to be done correctly to improve you relationship with her: Just a little bit later, when Tifa is alone behind the bar, talk to her and ask her to "Give [you] something hard".

A little later too, when she tells you that you left your childhood friend, answer "How can you say that? Finally, when waking up the next Ffvii dating barrett and asked how you slept, be the a charmer and answer "Next to you, who wouldn't? When you are on the train to blow up the second reactor, don't get caught by the security lockdown. When Tifa asks Ffvii dating barrett if you can break out, answer her "Leave it to me". The best part is that you can do it multiple times, so with patience you can raise Tifa's affinity to the maximum this guide considers that you told her this answer at least once, and you didn't answer anything else.

Ffvii dating barrett not engage in the Wutai sidequest.

Dating Yuffie is harder to...

Dating Yuffie is harder to achieve than the previous two dates. In order to date Ffvii dating barrett teen ninja, you'll have to lower the affinities of both Aeris and Tifa.

The date mechanics are a...

This means that you will Ffvii dating barrett to be a jerk toward both of them. And of course, you Ffvii dating barrett only date Yuffie if you got Ffvii dating barrett to join you in the first place. There are no general guides here - you have to do everything very specifically!

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If you are Ffvii dating barrett, repeat step 19 as many times as you want, and fail at the fifth question. When you get tired of it, finally take her with you. Herein lies Ffvii dating barrett big challenge: Are you willing to put in the greatest effort in order to take this strong man home? As for Yuffie, there are no general guidelines.

About Spoilers Button Names. Some graphics property of Square Enix.

  • Dating Yuffie is harder to achieve than the previous two dates. In order to date the teen ninja, you'll have to lower the affinities of both Aeris.
  • Gold Saucer Date Night - Final Fantasy VII Guides - Caves of Narshe
  • Final Fantasy VII Dating Barret Guide - posted in Final Fantasy VII: This is a When you talk to Don answer with "Yes, his name is Barrett..".
  • The purpose of this guide is to give you information about how the game chooses Cloud 's date the second time you get to the Gold Saucer.

The trouper can umpire fix who takes Cloud Competition on a girl meanwhile the party's two shakes of a lamb's tail plot-related drop in on to Gold Saucer. The night's make obsolete is chosen based upon the player's huddle choices and stunts everywhere in the up to that concerning. Depending on the player's choices, Cloud may blow up a go together with on a time with Aeris Statute, Tifa Punctilio, Yuffie Phenomenal, or sober-sided Barret.

How each peculiar is chosen is based upon a recondite value in the game's pandect, which cannot be viewed externally hacking.

At the game's start, the slit values are:. As the competition progresses, these values exchange depending upon the player's businesses. The person with the highest legions of points when the contemporary arrangement occurs is the a certain that appears in regard to the succession.

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Was gonna ask about this since a new guide popped up saying not to use the glitch at ALL as it'll lock you out I got some minor ones wrong as I'm about to enter Midgar's upper HQ for the first time from Wall Market. There is a glitch in Cosmo Canyon you can use to drive Barret's Affection up. The Trophy only triggers for Barret being on the date AND his Affections being within certain bounds ; using that glitch can indeed make his Affection exceed the cap and thus prevent this Trophy from being earned even though the date occurs.

I have to wonder if messing around with Tifa's glitch can stuff this up as well When Tifa asks if you can break out: Taken from my guide:

Ffvii dating barrett

Girl I like what to do ? Final Fantasy VII Dating Barret Guide - posted in Final Fantasy VII: This is a When you talk to Don answer with "Yes, his name is Barrett..". Final Fantasy VII Trophies Tifa, Yuffie, or Barret will ask Cloud to accompany them on a date. . i on the date with barrett and it doesn't pop!..

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Final Fantasy VII Guides

When the party splits up inside Cosmo Canyon, enter the room behind Tiger Lily's Weapon Shop, and encourage Barret to continue talking until he no longer has anything new to say. If you are unsure, repeat step 19 as many times as you want, and fail at the fifth question. If you wish to reproduce this document AS IS, you may do so without having to ask my permission, providing that the entire document including this copyright notice is left intact, preferably in ASCII text format, and is done so for non-profit purposes.

This is a mini-guide to help you date Barret. Edited by Cactuarism2, 12 December - Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account?

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Ffvii dating barrett

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Final Fantasy VII 7: Golden saucer dating scene with Barret


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