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Tesla with Anna Nalick. Tesla Monsters of Rock Cruise Tesla is an American Hard rock and Metal band, which was formed in The band is originally from Sacramento, California. Whilst recording their debut album, they changed their name to Tesla, in homage to the legendary scientist.

They were often lumped in with the popular glam rock bands at the time, such as Alice Cooper, which they begrudged. Various members of the band attempted solo careers and worked on other musical projects and bands. Six years later, they reformed for an intimate one off show in Sacramento. Tesla have toured all over the world, and enjoyed incredible popularity and album sales, having collectively sold over 14 million records around the globe.

Tesla, the Californian rock quintet have been performing now for over 25 years as a unit and with the steady commercial progression of their albums, their fan base has also been steadily growing. Experts in the field of hard rock, the band are one of complete ease onstage and there is clearly nothing they love more than performing live. With the more energy they are given from the crowd, the more intensity they play their Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte music. The audience proudly raises their hands above their heads for 'Hang Tough' and clap along as one whilst the group thrash out the recognisable instrumentals.

Lead singer Jeff Keith snarls at the audience and taunts them into roaring with appreciation for early track 'Signs' which is a clear favourite that evokes even more moshing from the masses.

By the finale of the grammatical nightmare 'Cumin' Atcha Live', Tesla have clearly demonstrated that commerciality does not equate to fan loyalty as the UK crowds are cheering at deafening levels as the group take their last bow. Tesla put on an amazing show. When the show is over I thought it was kind of short but then I looked at my Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte and realize they've been on stage for over an hour and a half.

On the other hand of the venue staff treated me like crap. I am in a wheelchair and every place I've gone has done amazing job helping me enjoy a Concert Experience.

Mystic Lakes handicap seats Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte allow you to see any of the show and none of the staff cared they were indifferent and would not work with Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte to find a reasonable spot and I wasn't in anyone's way but could still enjoy the show. With that said Tesla was so great I still enjoy the show even though I could only hear it.

But I do remember the first time that saw them. They opened for Great White and ever since then I've been hooked. They are such a tight band and great bunch of guys, and they always put on a great show with lots of energy. Jeff Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte a distinct voice that stands out from the rest, and there music keeps bringing me back again and again.

If you're a fan of 80's hair metal, then Tesla is a must see band, and trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Tesla is still in my mind one of the best bands LIVE, they sound great and always aim to please the crowd every time they perform.

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Gonna see them on the Def Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte bill as well. SO those of Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte who have not seen Tesla, Please do so.

You won't be disappointed.

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Tesla is always great live. They did all their great hits and a few newer songs. Theyve been doing some of those songs for 29 years because they know we love them and yet they still perform them like it's the first time.

Jeff is so fun to watch and his voice sounds exactly the same as the first time I heard him in the early 90's. A special thank Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte for taking the time to do a Meet and Greet at the Cannery. Your fans appreciate it. Saw Tesla at Myrtle Beach.

As always they were awesome but two opening bands was a little more than I could take. By the time Tesla came on I could hardly stand and the crowd was getting a little out of Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte Took Tesla about 30 min to set up and it just took away from the concert which was standing room only Everyone I seen said they were in pain from standing thought 2 bands then Tesla But I still Love Tesla.

What an incredible show. I was able to get up close and personal. Great venue but the need to charge that much for a beer is unbelievable especially when it is tap beer.

I haven't seen Tesla since the 90s missed them dearly. They opened the show so missed a few songs They still sound amazing Jeff Keith still Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte his voice and everything rocked! My only complaint is there set was too short so want see them again. I hope they have a Blu Ray show released soon.

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Finished show with modern day cowboy. Tesla always puts Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte a great showno matter where the venue iscrowd was great and into there performance very much, easy access to the theater. I've seen Tesla many times over the past 31 years but I can't remember a single time that was any better than this one.

Very few bands continue to get better with age, but Tesla is a rare exception. Played a few more of their new songs than I would have liked, but the new songs weren't bad. Have seen Tesla 6 or 7 times over the years and this was as good as I have ever heard them sound.

Very tight and the sound board mix was amazing Tesla is great, I only saw them opening and they were great. Jeff Keith may sound terrible on the records but he sounds perfect on stage.

His vocals are great. Can still hit the high notes! Frank Hannon is one of the greatest guitarists I've ever seen!

It's a great show, definitely worth seeing. I grew up listening to tesla. I think Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte show was great. They still have it. I would see them over and over again. I wish that they would of played longer. Hope they come back to ny soon. Next time they are around ny, I hope I get to see them perform alone.

I want to see them play all there songs. I'll try not to go on and on, but, I have been to so many concerts and this concert was one of the most enjoyable concerts ever. The fact that the Aztec provides an intimate experience and Tesla is one of my favorite bands, I would classify this as completely awesome!

Thank u tesla for putting on an awesome show as always. Still sound very good. We had a meet and greet with the band which was really cool!! Great concert my only disappointment was I wished they would have played longer. So many other great songs that I wish they would have played. Happy 31st Anniversary Telsa! Tesla always performs for the audience and Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte a great time doing it. Loved it as always.

And the Taft theater was very cool After 30 years, they are still bringing it all to the stage!

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Great variety of music and they played all the greats! ACL at the Moody Theater was a Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte venue and is set up only for the best sound.

I have waited about 10 years Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte see Tesla live again and they did not disappoint. Everyone brought their A game! Sweet simple set of their best tunes and rocked the house. See all videos 6. See all photos See all posters Tesla with Rubikon and Voices of Extreme. See all past concerts 1, This event has been added to your Plans. Get your tour dates seen by one Black hookup in raleigh nc concerts 2019 charlotte fans: Sign up as an artist.

Yes, please notify me. Save this event to your plans and we'll remind you when it's coming up! Similar artists with upcoming concerts L.

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