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Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction


Iron Duke said to be betrayed by his daughter's relationship with president Jan 31, Sonono Khoza, who has a child by Jacob Zuma Speculation is rife that the president plans to take another wife. It is unclear whether Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction "Iron Duke", as he is known, knew then who was the father of his unborn grandchild. The Sunday Times can today reveal that Sonono gave birth to a girl on Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction 8 last year, barely three months before the country's most famous polygamist tied the knot for the Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction motaung wife sexual dysfunction time.

Baby Thandekile Matina Zuma, now nearly four months old, has been registered in her father's name, and brings to 20 the number of children known to have been fathered by him - along with the 19 Zuma is officially said to have had, with his ex-wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, his late wife, Kate Zuma, and his current wives and girlfriends. Sonono, who has two other children from a previous marriage, is an events manager in the marketing division at the Johannesburg headquarters of one of the major banks.

A close family friend has Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction the Sunday Times that a delegation from KwaZulu-Natal, acting on Zuma's behalf, visited the Khoza family in December last year to discuss the Zulu customary damages, inhlawulo, that are due when a child is born out of wedlock.

On the morning of Sunday, January 17, the arrival of Zuma's motorcade at the Khoza family's Diepkloof ExtensionSoweto, mansion, piqued the Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction of neighbours and set Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction wagging. Zuma, who was in Johannesburg for the ANC's national executive committee lekgotla held between January 15 and 18, spent almost an hour with Sonono and her mother, Matina.

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When the Sunday Times contacted Sonono for comment on Friday night, she said: I definitely don't know what you are talking," before terminating the call. She did not respond to an SMS asking for comment.

Asked how she felt about her new grandchild and the fact that Zuma was the father, Matina responded: Khoza, whose youngest daughter, Zodwa, died of Aids-related complications inwas not home for either of the two meetings held to discuss the arrangements following the birth of the baby.

Several family friends told Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction Sunday Times that Khoza felt betrayed and humiliated by the president's relationship with his daughter, Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction as he considered Zuma - who is six years older than him - a friend.

Khoza was awarded an honorary doctorate in philosophy from the University of Zululand for his role in the development of sport while Zuma was chancellor of the institution in The president, who left Switzerland yesterday and is now in Ethiopia for an African Union summit, being held in Addis Ababa until February 2. The addition to Zuma's brood shows that the president has again had unprotected sex with a woman who is not his wife - something for which he apologised three and a half years ago.

In Mayfollowing his acquittal on a charge of rape, Zuma made a speech in which he said: I wish to state categorically and place on record that I erred in Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction unprotected sex.

In clearing Zuma of rape, the court found that he had had consensual sex - with the daughter Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction another friend. Zuma's polygamy, which is a source of much public debate, was again thrust into the spotlight this week at the World Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Asked by Newsweek International editor Fareed Zakaria, who was moderating a panel on South Africa, about his "many wives" and whether he loved all of them equally, Zuma responded, "Absolutely," drawing howls of laughter from the crowd. The birth of the latest baby has triggered speculation that Zuma may Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction planning to take another wife, which could land Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction taxpayers.

According to the ministerial handbook for members of the executive and presiding officers, spouses legally married to the member in a polygamous marriage are entitled to a variety of benefits.

Zuma's wives are each entitled to a personal assistant, a post worth R per year. Air travel, medical expenses and security costs for the spouses are also borne by the state. He has no children Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction her.

As well as his late wife, Kate, and his ex-wife, Dlamini-Zuma, in Zuma married Nompumelelo Ntuli with whom he has two children. Earlier this month he tied the knot with Tobeka Madiba-Zuma, with whom he has three children. He is engaged to year-old Gloria Bongekile Ngema, with whom he has one child, and has an adult son with Minah Shongwe.

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And it's off to the witchdoctor for wealth muti for the poor who can't pay lobola for even one wife. Ah well, it's better for the masses to travel hopefully than to ever arrive. Let them eat cake at Zuma's weddings. Maybe its a blessing in disguise that El Zuma spending his time procreating. Any hour spent like this means that he cannot simultaniously attend to possible bigger screw ups Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction other matters.

Reassuring to now that our president beats all others in matters of virility. Or is he using some special muti? Baby number 20 that we know of! Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction that for spreading the message of safe sex to Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction masses? Just have kids with countless different women. Imagine if this idiot was as good at running the country.

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Looks like he is a TKB showing his true colours - if it moves - shag it. If it does not move - shag Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction. So our tax money is going to Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction sure his offspring go Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction private schools etc I wonder if our dear president would accuse me of being a racist too if I lifted an eyebrow at his "presidential" behaviour.

No, Zumi, your example to our youth is shocking and any hope I had for you as a respected president, has completely vanished along with your ability to uphold your word. Isn't it nice Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction know that your leadership would probably cost many youth their lives to HIV? There once was a prez from Azania, bollocks so big it would pain ya, to see how it went, not crooked or bent, and from a black hole soon came a crania….

Hey Ex how about this one; There once was a prez from Kent with his dick Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction buckled and bent. To avoid any trouble, he folded it double and instead of coming, he went! He must live on another planet. Saturday, January 30, Zuma fathers baby with Irvin Khoza's daughter. Sonono Khoza, who has a child by Jacob Zuma. Repeated attempts to speak to Khoza about the matter were unsuccessful.

Zuma's spokesman, Vincent Magwenya, refused to comment yesterday. Zuma's younger brother Michael Zuma said he was unaware of the Sizwe motaung wife sexual dysfunction or the relationship. Posted By Tim Johnston at Newer Post Older Post Home.

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