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The proactive sexual health history


Professional Reference articles are designed for health professionals to use. You may find one of our health articles more useful. Many healthcare professionals feel concerned The proactive sexual health history their ability to take an appropriate sexual history, however skilled and confident they may be at taking a standard history.

In The proactive sexual health history, this is The proactive sexual health history reflection of educational practices - sexual history taking has tended to be taught separately - but also is testimony to the social embarrassment and difficulties we experience talking about sex in general. Healthcare professionals may feel comfortable taking a sexual history when they perceive the presenting complaint as directly relating to a sexual problem; however, The proactive sexual health history of sexual history taking in a more proactive way, as part The proactive sexual health history routine and preventative healthcare, may be more difficult.

With appropriate The proactive sexual health history and experience, these difficulties can be conquered. For some patients, there may be great discomfort, trepidation and even The proactive sexual health history felt approaching a medical professional for help in sexual matters. Human sexual behaviour is diverse. Health professionals should avoid moral or religious judgement of their patient's behaviour. Concentrate instead on managing health-related needs - including psychological and The proactive sexual health history - and take time to address the patient's concerns.

Requests for clinician gender on cultural or religious grounds, or due to personal preference, should be accommodated where possible. Taking a sexual history in general practice The proactive sexual health history be rather different; direct seeking of sexual health advice in relation to a specific symptom is less common.

More sexual health work is opportunistic or in response to detecting a 'hidden agenda'. Time constraints are great but the ability to develop an ongoing and trusted relationship with The proactive sexual health history patient means that they may return in the future The proactive sexual health history we give opportunity and signals that we are happy to discuss sexual The proactive sexual health history. Check the patient's reason for attending.

They may require advice or a check-up or they may have a specific symptom. Where The proactive sexual health history, check the duration and nature of any reported symptoms.

Many clinicians in a genitourinary medicine GUM clinic or in general practice where a patient is reporting a sexual health-related problem, may routinely ask about specific symptoms.

Family physicians must proactively address...

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Epub Mar Kleinplatz PJ ; Sexuality and older people. This article is for information only and should not be used for The proactive sexual health history diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions. Patient Platform Limited has used all reasonable care in compiling the information but make no warranty as to its accuracy. Consult a doctor or other health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

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This article is for Medical Professionals. In this article arrow-down Why should we ask? Sexual History Taking In this article Why should we ask? General pointers The proactive sexual health history a sexual history.

Am Fam Physician. Nov 1;66(9)...

Why should we ask? Prevention of morbidity and mortality associated with sexually transmitted infection STI. There is evidence that sexual risk-reduction counselling in primary care is effective in preventing STIs. Increased opportunities for preventative care - eg, hepatitis The proactive sexual health history immunisation, discussion regarding sexual risk-taking. High prevalence in the general population - most often undiagnosed The proactive sexual health history untreated.

As an iatrogenic side-effect of medication or surgery. Association of sexual health with a current problem - eg, anxiety The proactive sexual health history depression related to a history of sexual abuse.

Why should we ask?

Sexuality and sexual function are integral aspects of an individual throughout life. Sexual health is associated with happiness, longevity and well-being. We increasingly recognise the importance of sex to many of our elderly patients and those with chronic The proactive sexual health history or disability, as well as the young and fit.

Assess symptoms to guide examination and investigation required. Exposure history to guide examination and investigations required. Last sexual intercourse LSI and number of partners in preceding three months Partner s: For women, assessment of contraceptive use and risk of pregnancy: Assessment of other sexual health issues, including psychosexual problems.

In part, this is a...

Assessment of HIV, hepatitis B The proactive sexual health history hepatitis C risk assessment for treatment and prevention The proactive sexual health history. Assessment of risk behaviour for purposes of health promotion partner notification and sexual health promotion.

Include alcohol and recreational drug history. Past medical and surgical history, allergies and medication. Cervical cytology history in women. Establish mode of giving results. Be aware of vulnerable adults, intimate-partner violence and gender-based violence. Why not subscribe to the newsletter?

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