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Kokomo's population was 46, at the censusand 45, at the census. Time in kokomo indiana for the Miami Ma-Ko-Ko-Mo who Time in kokomo indiana called "Chief Kokomo", [8] Kokomo first benefited from the Time in kokomo indiana business associated with being the county seat.

Before the Civil War, it was connected with Indianapolis and then the Eastern cities by railroad, which Time in kokomo indiana in sustained growth. Substantial growth came after the discovery of large natural gas reserves, which produced a boom in the mids.

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Among the businesses which the boom attracted was the fledgling automobile industry. A significant number of technical and engineering innovations were developed in Kokomo, particularly in automobile production, and, as a Time in kokomo indiana, Kokomo became known as the "City of Firsts. The following is a list of all the buildings in Kokomo, Indiana that are listed Time in kokomo indiana the National Register of Historic Places:. The settler tradition says Kokomo was named for Kokomoko or Time in kokomo indiana meaning "black walnut"shortened to Kokomo, said to have been one of the four sons Time in kokomo indiana Chief Richardville last of the chiefs of the Miami people.

That name was translated as "the diver" an animal that could swim under water. As a result of various removalsby the Miami population in Howard County until known as Richardville County was reduced to about The principal settlement was the Village of Kokomo, on the south side of Wildcat Creek. Indian paths Time in kokomo indiana Kokomo with Frankfort and Thorntown along the Wildcat and led to Peru by way of Cassvilleand to Meshingomesia by way of Greentown.

Shortly after Richardville County was organized in the commissioners appointed to Time in kokomo indiana the county seat approached Foster for a donation from his substantial holdings. In June Henry A. Brouse petitioned the board of Howard county commissioners Time in kokomo indiana incorporate the town of Time in kokomo indiana. The original election was not held for unspecified reasonsbut another took place on October 1, After a vote of 62—3 in favor of incorporation, the board so ordered it.

On March 31,an election was held for Kokomo to assume Time in kokomo indiana city government. The resolution was passed, and Nelson Purdum was elected the first mayor.

In anticipation of business that the court would bring, Time in kokomo indiana began a fairly quick growth from the time that lots were first sold on October 18, Two more merchants were licensed in March After the enactment of the pre-emption law, [24] settlers rapidly attempted to secure homesteads in the surrounding lands. The county auditor and treasurer occupied one building, and the clerk and recorder occupied the other.

It only lasted a few years until a robbery impaired its capital. The loss substantially injured Foster's fortune. Murray was the agent at Time in kokomo indiana for stock subscriptions in support of the railroad. In the construction of the Peru and Indianapolis Railroad commenced. In Kokomo Samuel C. Corydon Richmond, commercial competitors of David Foster, donated several lots to the railroad in order to Time in kokomo indiana the location of the rail depot near their commercial property.

The route was Time in kokomo indiana along Buckeye Street at the insistence of the merchants who hoped to reduced drayage expenses. Samuel Mills built a large frame structure at the Howard flouring mills, which served as a warehouse for the company's freight and a passenger depot. For some time after Kokomo was Time in kokomo indiana terminus of the line, but eventually the line was extended to Peru and then to Michigan City.

A short time after the construction of Time in kokomo indiana Peru and Indianapolis Railroad began, the Pennsylvania Railroad announced that one of its lines would pass through Kokomo. By a line was commenced between Kokomo and Logansport which was intended to become the hub of a network of lines for the company.

Railroad Time in kokomo indiana was inaugurated on that line on July 4, The most important rail line for Kokomo became the standard-gauge Clover Leaf line. Morrison of Frankfort was the principal promoter, and A.

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Comstock acted for him in Kokomo. A failure of the proposed subsidy caused the promoters to turn all assets over to the contractors, who promised to complete the line. Construction began in and was completed the following year. Limited freight between the two cities made the line unprofitable. After a series of acquisitions by other railroads, the line became part of the Toledo, St. Louis and Kansas City Time in kokomo indiana. A line connecting it to the east reached Kokomo on January 1, Inone of the most remarkable and controversial events in Kokomo's history took place.

Cole was shot to death Time in kokomo indiana a sheriff's posse. Cole had a curious history and had stirred up a great deal of passion in the previous fifteen years. He was reputed to have been a gifted surgeon, who served in the Union Army Time in kokomo indiana the Civil War and when afterwards he settled in Kokomo, he became a prominent physician. In Kokomo he married a woman, Natalie Cole, of whom he became intensely jealous. When he discovered Allen leaving the post office one day in Octoberhe shot him dead.

Voorhees of Terre Haute to represent him. Cole's reputation for violent instability, and the cowardice in the way he killed Allen, created many enemies for him, but his generosity toward poor patients and a promise to "clean up" the town won him enough support to win a bitter election for Mayor in The posse was forced to fire on Cole in self-defense the sheriff claimed he had two revolvers and to prevent his escape, although his injuries seemed inconsistent with that version.

Natural gas had been developed in Pennsylvania and Canada for some time, Time in kokomo Time in kokomo indiana had most recently been developed around Findlay, Ohio. In Marcha Time in kokomo indiana of citizens, led Time in kokomo indiana by A. Comstock who had promoted the Frankfort and Kokomo Railroad and D.

It took until September to Time in kokomo indiana the necessary 22 subscribers. The first rig was built south of Wildcat Creek. Together with Time in kokomo indiana well in Eatonwhich began producing slightly before Time in kokomo indiana, the discovery led to the Indiana Gas Boom.

This discovery was directly responsible for Elwood Haynes' move to Kokomo, as a superintendent with a gas company with interests in Kokomo and Howard County.

As a result of the natural gas boom, Kokomo Time in kokomo indiana an increasing number of industries, which resulted in significant technological innovations. For these industrial and technical achievements, Kokomo is Time in kokomo indiana known as the Time in kokomo indiana of Firsts. Haynes and his associates built a number of other autos over the next few years; the Haynes-Apperson Automobile Company for mass-production of commercial autos was established in Kokomo in Kokomo serves as the "City of Firsts" in the food industry as well.

Kokomo was Time in kokomo indiana to the first Time in kokomo indiana Steakhousewhich opened in Time in kokomo indiana Eventually, the "McDiner" closed and was converted back to a regular McDonald's restaurant. The following inventions are associated with Kokomo: On March 21—26, Kokomo suffered severe flooding when 6. The Kokomo Tribune reported at the time that the Wildcat Creek over-topped its levee to reach nearly 1 Time in kokomo indiana 1.

Damage was widespread, including loss of electrical power due to the power plant being flooded. In the summer ofrecord numbers attended rallies of the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana.

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On Time in kokomo indiana 16,a crowd of 75, attended a Klan rally in Terre Time in kokomo indiana. All of this was merely a prelude to the rally planned for Kokomo. Conceived Time in kokomo indiana a "monster tristate conclave," it was intended to charter 93 Indiana klans representing more thanmembers.

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According to historian Time in kokomo indiana Coughland, "literally half" of Kokomo residents were members of the Ku Klux Klan during its height in the s and s. An estimatedKlan members and supporters gathered in Malfalfa Park for a massive Konklave in which D. Stephenson was elevated to the position of Grand Dragon of the Indiana Klan.

A speech at a Baptist church was attended by Klanswomen. Harding depended on the vote of Indiana. Since the Republicans held only a 25, vote plurality in the state, any serious defection of African-Americans would tip the state to the Democrats. The Klan, however, continued to dominate state politics especially after the election of Edward L. On April 11, the southern part of Kokomo was struck by one of the 47 tornadoes that erupted over six Midwestern states, an event now known as the Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak.

Windows were broken and the framework cracked throughout, and sections of the west wall were leveled. The Maple Crest elementary and junior high schools suffered extensive damage.

The roof collapsed on the junior high school, and the framework of both schools was substantially wrecked. The Maple Crest Shell Station at the intersection of Lincoln and Washington was torn from its foundation and scattered about.

Mills Drug Store at the same intersection was demolished. A house on Holly Lane was uprooted, and one on James Drive was demolished. The front and back of the one-story structure were caved in and merchandise was strewn about.

The only thing left standing on the nearby Church of the Brethren was the steeple. Kokomo served to symbolize the nation's early Time in kokomo indiana and ignorance of AIDS in the mid-to-late s when Ryan White was expelled from school due to his illness. White was a Time in kokomo indiana hemophiliac who had been infected with HIV through contaminated blood products Factor 8.

At the time blood products were often collected through state prison systems. Factor 8 was made from pooled plasma of thousands of donors. The teen had been attending Western Middle School which is actually Time in kokomo indiana Russiaville Time in kokomo indiana was ostracized by his classmates, and forced to eat lunch alone and use a separate restroom. Many parents and teachers in Kokomo rallied Time in kokomo indiana support of banning White from attending the school.

A lengthy administrative appeal process with the school system ensued, followed by death threats and Time in kokomo indiana against White and his family, including a bullet being fired through the window of their Kokomo home. Media coverage of the case made White into a national celebrity and spokesman for Time in kokomo indiana research and public education.

Ryan attended Time in kokomo indiana Heights High School in nearby Arcadia, where he was welcomed by faculty and Time in kokomo indiana.

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